When we began looking to expand our vision and manufacture garments, we knew our priority would be to keep it local in our community as best as possible. Our main factory in Calgary, Alberta, has supported our production since the beginning. It is family owned and operated and employs a small group of highly talented seamstresses. We quickly learned how important it was to keep the manufacturing local; it allows us to keep up with quality control, ensure the ethical treatment of garment workers.

We recently partnered with a larger manufacturing company in Vancouver, British Columbia, to help support our expanding collections, as they specialize in working with different types of textiles. They follow guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for their staff and pay fair living wages.

We have always partnered with local women who sew at home to make our original garment - the chiffon shawl. We love to be able to support the women in our community who may be limited to why they can't work in the mainstream workforce. Their talent and attention to detail show through in these pieces.


Our bamboo knit has always been a personal and client favorite. It has a luxurious weight, drapes freely (no clinging to the body!), is not transparent, and does not pill. It creates the most beautiful pieces that are easy to care for and last for seasons. We prioritize using bamboo for multiple factors, including its durability, breathability, comfort, and functionality.

The mill is a professional manufacturer and exporter that specializes in textiles; their main products are fabrics made from natural fibers. They are Oeko-Tex Certified and follow government practices. They adhere to the promise that the workers receive proper treatment and compensation.

Our chiffon fabrics come from Korea where they are adhering to fair trade in the industry. The mills they partner with are small businesses that adhere to the minimum wage of Korea's labor law, they ensure that no child or forced labour is used in production. The company is aware of the health and safety conditions in the producer groups they buy from. They seek to raise awareness of health and safety issues and improve health and safety practices in producer groups.

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